Safe Travel Tips During Pregnancy – Travel tips

One of the most challenging things for any expectant mother is traveling. Aside from the inconveniences it can bring, a traveling pregnant woman can also be vulnerable to certain hazards. Since she’s carrying an unborn human being inside her, she must be concerned not only of her safety and well-being, but also of the baby’s.Although it’s safe for pregnant women to travel, they have to take certain extra precautions to ensure the safety of both themselves and the baby they’re carrying. If you’re one of those expectant mothers that have to travel both out of necessity and for pleasure trips, there are things you need to keep in mind before you leave your house and go on that trip. Here are some of them:Get clearance from your doctor – As a pregnant woman, your doctor would be an OB/Gyne (short for Obstetrician/Gynecologist). Ask him/her if there any medical concerns you need to worry about or tests you need to undertake before traveling. There are pregnancies that are considered ‘high-risk.’ And if you fall under this category, traveling may not be allowed.Pack medical records and other vital health info – It’s always best to prepare for the worst while at the same time hope for the best. Especially if you’re traveling alone and while you’re in your second or third trimester, don’t forget to pack your prenatal chart. The chart has to include vital info such as your internet age, your last menstrual period, and your due date, among others.Have all your medications – Before heading out for that trip, be sure to check if you have all the medications you need in your luggage. They should also include your prenatal vitamins and other remedies that may be needed during the trip. Your medications may not be available in the city or country where you’re traveling, so it makes perfect sense to bring enough supply with you during your trip.Check your insurance – By insurance here we mean both travel insurance and health insurance. If you have health insurance, check if the policy covers pregnancy complications during travel to the countries you plan to visit. If they’re not covered in the policy, go safe by purchasing additional insurance to cover complications that may arise during pregnancy while traveling in certain countries. As for your travel insurance, it should cover emergency expenses you may incur during the trip.If you’re an expectant mother planning to travel, err on the side of safety by making sure you prepare well for it.