Hong Kong – Getting Around in Hong Kong – Here Are the Top 10 Travel Tips – Travel tips

Traveling in Hong Kong is really a fun experience for many.Here are some useful tips one must consider when planning to travel to Hong Kong:1.     Must always have Hong Kong dollars at hand. Other shops only accepts local currencies so it is advisable for one to exchange their money into HK$ so there would be no difficulty in shopping among the many stores in Hong Kong.2.     Visitors should have a list of the local emergency telephone numbers always with them to avoid getting lost in the city. The telephone numbers that should include in the list are emergency numbers like ambulance, fire departments, and police departments. One must also have the number for the local’s directory assistance just in case of emergencies. Like many say, it’s always better to be ready than be sorry.3.     Electricity is in its standard power of 220 volts. U.S and Japanese appliances might get burned when used in Hong Kong outlets. It is better if visitors use the available appliances that they have in Hong Kong rather than using the ones that they took with them from their country.4.     When dining in restaurants, there are no 10% additional for service charges, but may require 2% tip for the serving staffs. Same as with the hotels where the bell boys and servers requires tips after serving their guests.5.     Restrooms in Hong Kong are pretty sanitized and it is for everyone to maintain the cleanliness of the place. These restrooms are complete with toiletries that can be used by visitors provided they take care of them and not detach them.6.     Rains are always expected in Hong Kong and everyone is advised to carry with them rain gears whenever they go outdoors.7.     There are stalls that sell cooked foods along the streets but it is pretty advisable for everyone to buy only the ones that are sold in clean shops that are thoroughly cooked for everyone’s safety.8.     Keep an eye on your belongings at every moment. There are unexpected things that might happen somewhere and thieves might just pop out and take your belongings. So it is better to hold your bags tightly at all times.9.     Always check how much taxi drivers charges you. There are some taxi drivers that charges much more than is what the real fee, especially for others who is not yet familiar with the place.10.     Avoid buying products that does not have price tags. Sometimes, vendors offer their sold items in much higher price than its original cost. So it is advisable not to trust these vendors especially when you noticed that the price they tell you is pretty high.