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15 Best Travel Tips When You Are on the Way – Travel tips

There is nothing like exploring and discovering new places. However, there are some habits that can be developed to reduce travel challenges. Here we list a few of the more obvious ones.1. Get up early. Have a decent breakfast and arrive at attractions before the crowds to get best views and great photographs. Then have a rest, if you are tired.2. Smile and say “hello”. there is nothing that is infectious as a smile. Use it to interact with local people and fellow travelers.3. Observe and meet local people. See what they do – the movement, colour, smells and sights. They all have a story to tell and usually love to tell it. Listen to them and learn.4. Take great photos. They will help you remember and do not take much space.5. Be Patient at all times Don’t worry about the things you cannot control. Most exotic places do not have perfect public transport and five-star service. Take it as it comes because tomorrow is another day of new experiences.6. Hide some Cash. You never know when you need a little extra. Not all ATMs are loaded when you go there. Remember Murphy;s Law.7. Pack eye mask and ear plugs. To help you sleep in the many light and noisy hotels that you will find.8. Pack a hat, scarf and sunglasses. Protect yourself from the elements. Take a small umbrella or waterproof coat with hood, if going to a rainy location.9. Back up everything regularly. Use free Wi-Fi and secure could storage or hard drives to save files, so that nothing is lost.10. Don’t give up: Sometimes the trains and buses are not running. Don’t give up. Something will happen tomorrow.11. Keep an open mind. The best way to learn new things. Avoid being judgmental, you may not have the complete story.12. Treat yourself well: Eat good wholesome food. Drink safe water and avoid “home-made” drinks.13. Have a good laugh. Don’t take the travel too seriously. Laugh those embarrassing situations away and make new friends with a hearty laugh.14. Get lost and don’t be afraid. Learn about new places by getting lost and finding your way out. Take a card from your hotel just in case and watch out for odd situations that can turn nasty.15. Stay in touch with your family and friends: They are interested in your pursuits and can celebrate your journey in their own way.In summary, do the things you like to do when you travel. Have fun and meet new people. There can be no end to it!

Travel Tips For Bali – The Seminyak Area – Travel tips

Owing to its high density and up market boutique shopping, combined with the clusters of fine-dining restaurants, Seminyak has rapidly become one of the most well-recognized tourist precincts in Bali. In addition to the lively commercial strips with popular dining establishments Seminyak is home to a number of bars, craft houses, independent furniture makers and antique shops.Seminyak has been labelled Bali’s best destination and party spot in several notable magazines. Land and accommodation prices are amongst the highest in Bali and plenty of luxury hotels and spas abound. The ambience of the area is best described as relaxed sophistication.Renowned as the boutique shopping capital of Bali it’s difficult to believe that as little as ten years ago this area was awash with rice fields and far from the elite tourist precinct it is today. The area from Kuta in the south to Legian & Seminyak in the north is highly congested with traffic with only two routes in and out of these coastal communities. Although there are a multitude of taxis and transport options available, visitors are best advised to travel on foot.The beaches of Seminyak and Petitenget are tourist magnets with endless stretches of sand in both directions, for as far as the eye can see. The beaches in the area are noticeably quieter than those further south around Kuta and the sunsets are a must see during your stay. A number of popular bars and restaurants such as the world-renowned Ku De Ta are located here and provide excellent venues for a pre-dinner cocktail or ice-cold beer.Countless spa and massage treatment facilities are available in the area. The spa experiences are high-end and offer luxurious and sophisticated settings. Despite being more expensive than other locations in Bali, you will still find these services to be far cheaper than you would pay in other places around the world.The dining offered in this northern beaches precinct is nothing short of world-class. If you choose to splurge on just one special meal whilst in Bali then look no further than the multitude of fine dining options around Seminyak. Prices are high by Bali standards but still excellent value when viewed on an international scale. The best restaurants are always full in the evening so arrive early or make a booking.Petitenget is where the chic ambiance of Seminyak continues to the north. The emergence of a number of stylish venues in the Petitenget precinct, including some of Bali’s best restaurants, indicates that this area now serves as an extension to the fashionable playground of south Bali.Canggu, another notably attractive area, is still home to vastly spread rice fields in spite of its close proximity to Seminyak and Petitenget. As the region continues to grow, a number of luxurious villas have begun to appear on the landscape along with the famous Canggu Club.Where To Stay In The Seminyak Area:Clio Studio Apartments: A modern, boutique resort property with thirteen rooms furnished in a minimalist style. There are 5 studio size rooms and 4 varieties of loft spaces available to guests. Clio is extremely good value by Seminyak standards with prices starting from US$80/night. Facilities include WiFi, flat screen TV’s, stereo system and wonderful friendly service.Cicada Luxury Townhouses: Consists of 6 contemporary single and double story townhouses with cutting edge designer interiors. Each townhouse has a large tropical outdoor bathroom, private gardens and full service kitchen. Most have private plunge pools. The resort offers 24-hour room service and security as well as a 25-meter lap pool and Jacuzzi. This property offers excellent value and comes highly recommended from US$170/night.The Haven:This 160 room modern style hotel began operations in mid 2009. As an alternative to the multitude of villa accommodation in the area The Haven offers regular hotel rooms and suites with just a few private villas. The property is located on the main street in Seminyak though once inside guests are blissfully unaware of the busy street outside. Packages and special discounts are available throughout the year.Accommodation options are virtually endless in the Seminyak area. If you are looking for a high level of sophistication in a calm and relaxed area then this is the place you want to be in Bali. Everything you could need is at your fingertips, and this is my location of choice for your next holiday in Bali.

Hong Kong – Getting Around in Hong Kong – Here Are the Top 10 Travel Tips – Travel tips

Traveling in Hong Kong is really a fun experience for many.Here are some useful tips one must consider when planning to travel to Hong Kong:1.     Must always have Hong Kong dollars at hand. Other shops only accepts local currencies so it is advisable for one to exchange their money into HK$ so there would be no difficulty in shopping among the many stores in Hong Kong.2.     Visitors should have a list of the local emergency telephone numbers always with them to avoid getting lost in the city. The telephone numbers that should include in the list are emergency numbers like ambulance, fire departments, and police departments. One must also have the number for the local’s directory assistance just in case of emergencies. Like many say, it’s always better to be ready than be sorry.3.     Electricity is in its standard power of 220 volts. U.S and Japanese appliances might get burned when used in Hong Kong outlets. It is better if visitors use the available appliances that they have in Hong Kong rather than using the ones that they took with them from their country.4.     When dining in restaurants, there are no 10% additional for service charges, but may require 2% tip for the serving staffs. Same as with the hotels where the bell boys and servers requires tips after serving their guests.5.     Restrooms in Hong Kong are pretty sanitized and it is for everyone to maintain the cleanliness of the place. These restrooms are complete with toiletries that can be used by visitors provided they take care of them and not detach them.6.     Rains are always expected in Hong Kong and everyone is advised to carry with them rain gears whenever they go outdoors.7.     There are stalls that sell cooked foods along the streets but it is pretty advisable for everyone to buy only the ones that are sold in clean shops that are thoroughly cooked for everyone’s safety.8.     Keep an eye on your belongings at every moment. There are unexpected things that might happen somewhere and thieves might just pop out and take your belongings. So it is better to hold your bags tightly at all times.9.     Always check how much taxi drivers charges you. There are some taxi drivers that charges much more than is what the real fee, especially for others who is not yet familiar with the place.10.     Avoid buying products that does not have price tags. Sometimes, vendors offer their sold items in much higher price than its original cost. So it is advisable not to trust these vendors especially when you noticed that the price they tell you is pretty high.

7 Barbados Vacation Travel Tips You Need To Know – Travel tips

Barbados is a very small Caribbean island. It is located in the south eastern region of the Windward Islands and Caribbean Sea and is one of the top travel destinations in the Caribbean. This is due to it being highly developed, its amazing beaches and friendly local. In fact, half a million tourists visit the island and enjoy a Barbados vacation every year.Tip #1 -The Best Time to Visit the Island is December to MayGenerally, it is good to visit Barbados all year round since the weather is nice but if you want to go during the driest months then book your stay during the months of February to May. Other months, especially July and August during the active tropical storm and hurricane season will have some rain and overcast weather. However, December is a favorite of many tourists especially those looking to get away from the winter cold of the northern hemisphere.Tip #2 – Travel to the Island By Air or SeaYou can travel to the island of Barbados by air or by sea. Currently, there are over 10 airlines that offer flights to Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport. Your options include the Caribbean Airlines, Air Canada, Jet Blue, American Eagle, US Airways, BMI, British Airways, Delta, LIAT, XL and Virgin Atlantic. You can also go there aboard a cruise ship with eastern Caribbean itinerary.Tip #3 – Rent a Car If You Wish To Explore The IslandYou can rent a car if you want to drive around and explore the island but take note that driving is on the left as opposed to the right in many North American countries. If you are not used to it, you can take buses and taxis. The bus fare is cheap and travels along the main coastal and city routes. Taxis are somewhat expensive but can take you to almost every tourist destination. If you want a peaceful bus ride, choose the big blue transport board buses. The yellow ones and white route taxis often play loud music during the trip and are crowded most of the time. Nonetheless, in these buses you can surely get change if you don’t have exact fare and you can even pay in US dollar currency. You should forget about your change when you choose the blue buses.Tip #4 – Take The Time To Enjoy the Island’s Water Activities Your vacation to Barbados is incomplete if you do not try at least one of the island’s water activities. You can try swimming, surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving along the island’s south and west coasts. There are also submarine tours, which will take you 50 meters below sea level, and swimming with sea turtles cruises.Tip #5 – Take Advantage Of The Duty Free Shopping Every district of Barbados has retail shops where you can find local and designer items. Duty free shopping is very common. Do not forget to bring your passport and return ticket showing when you will be leaving the island if you plan to take advantage of these big savings. Most shops also accept US dollars and some accept travelers’ cheques. You can also shop duty free at the airport and seaport stores on your way out of the island.Tip #6 – Try The Island’s Tasty FishFresh salt water fish is very popular in Barbados. You can even find them in coins and bills as well as in restaurant menus. Make sure to taste some – either fried or breaded. This can be easily accomplished by visiting the renowned Friday Night Fish Fry in the small southern fishing village of Oistins. Popular choices include flying fish, mahi mahi (often referred to as dolphin on the island), blue marlin, king fish and red snapper. If you are not a fan of spicy foods then skip the yellow Bajan hot sauce made up of mustard, onions and Scotch Bonnet peppers and a variety of other spices.Tip #7 – Stay Closer Inland To Save On Accommodation Affordable accommodation in Barbados is easy to find. You will typical find the more luxurious hotels and villas on or near the beaches but more affordable apartments and guest houses are available in the inner parts of the island. Popular areas include Atlantic Shores and Rockley on the south coast and Sunset Crest along the west coast